What Is New? Feb. 22 - 28

Hello Interweb,

This week we have really been ramping up our social media presence. Hopefully you have liked us on Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and Twitter. If so you have probably noticed us in your news feed almost once a day. We are making each social media platform special in its own way.

- Facebook allows you to connect with different people around the world that love Tri1Games apps as much as you do. You can also share screenshots, videos, or pictures of how you fly. Just tag them with #Tri1Games and we would be more than happy to share them with the community.

- Google+ conducts a bi weekly poll that is relevant to our games. We would appreciate your feedback on these questions to help us to know what it is exactly that you love about our games. It also helps us know where to focus our attention.

- YouTube gives you an exclusive first look at our video content. We try and share all of our videos on all of our social media platforms, however sometime this can take time and YouTube is guaranteed to have all of this content days ahead of our other sites.

- Twitter is unique in the parameters it has, allowing only a limited amount of content. For this reason we have chosen it to send out a quick gaming hint, tip, or secret every week.

We are glad you enjoy connecting with us and hope you tell your friends all about us. We know if you love our games then they will to so don't forget to tell everyone which Tri1Games app is your favorite.