Airplane Fly Bush Pilot

Airplane Fly Bush Pilot is based off of the "Alaskan Bush" and has a similar terrain to what exists in Alaska. The bush is known for it rugged nature and much of it is only accessible by plane, boat, or helicopter. However it is also known for its beauty, diverse landscape, long summer days, and wonderful fishing. Bush Pilot lets you take to the skies and enjoy the scenery of the snow covered mountain tops, with frozen lakes, all the way down to the flowing rivers, and vast ocean. The game gives you a diverse flying experience with more landing strips than any game we have made before. Unlock twenty one diverse planes and test your skills by landing on grass, dirt, water, wood, and ice strips. We also have added two ship landings, one upon the powerful S.S. Arctic Sea, and the other upon the majestic Glacier Queen.

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